Top 8 High-Paid Careers

CareersProfessional self-identification is a significant part of life. However, it is still so hard to choose a professional path. In this article, we have listed the top 8 high-paid careers in 2022 so it would be easier for you to find your dream work.

The first thing first before building your career is to understand in what area you see yourself as a specialist. However, your dream job is not only about the enjoyment, but also about the financial factor. The top list of jobs below is also based on the average highest salary level worldwide. So let us start to discover the best careers in 2022.


Average salary — $351 827 annually

A cardiologist is considered to be one of the most stressful and hard-training medicine jobs. The doctor in this area studies and treats diseases and conditions of the cardiovascular system.


Average salary — $224 577 annually

The medicine worker in this area is specialized in mental health issues. But still, the physical aspects of psychological problems. Moreover, a psychiatrist is a common doctor in people’s life. But still, the job is considered to be hard and stressful.

Vice president

Average salary — $151 358 annually

A vice president is the second or the third person of the company, who is responsible for the organization’s growth. The worker must have a top-level leadership role.

Software architect

Average salary — $139 127 annually

A software architect is responsible for high-qualified concepts and UI design for software applications.

Cloud engineer

Average salary — $123 688 annually

This job in the IT sector is responsible for the technological duties related to cloud projects, systems, services, etc.

Data scientist

Average salary — $121 673 annually

Data is a foundation for many significant factors like development and growth. A data scientist is specialized in analysis research and customer analysis.

Full stack developer

Average salary — $111 846 annually

This job may also be known as a web developer. A person works the front and back ends of a website or application.

IT manager

Average salary — $89 577 annually

The main duty of an IT manager is to manage the network and server infrastructure of the company they work for.

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